Monday, May 10, 2010

Unfancy Feast

The longer they stand around talking about this, the more burned the casserole will become. When Jon sprays water on it, it's going to be wet and burned. The boys are still excited to eat this horrible meal. Garfield and Jon are bachelors, but what does that mean? Here they demonstrate belief that the freedoms associated with bachelorhood should be relished, even those that are gross, pitiful, and, in the case of the burnt, soggy casserole, not even pleasurable unto themselves. No one wants to eat this mess because it will taste good, but because there is no one to stop them. That is not charred StarKist you're tasting, it is freedom.

This strip also suggests that perhaps the most vital function of a mate is to prevent us from acting like disgusting animals. And so it is that the thing separating us from the beasts is that human beings are trying to impress someone.


Rob said...

This has to be like the 20th comic where they've used "We're bachelors, baby." As I recall, they once did a whole week where that was the punchline every single time.

I love this blog, by the way. Always insightful and hilarious.

Applemask said...

Why is it that whenever I come back here you've both started again and stopped again

Chris Stangl said...

Rob — Fine observation. We're Bachelor's is a running gag dating back several years. The punchline/catchphrase used to be rendered "We're bachelors, baby!" The joke made more sense when it debuted, in the pre-Jon/Liz relationship era. Technically Jon is a bachelor in that he is not married, but contemporary common usage tends to exclude men in committed relationships.

Applemask — Not totally stopped, just behind as usual, mostly because of full episodes of THE GARFIELD SHOW being online.

Nasreen said...

I happened to end up on your blog by chance. I was searching of the explanation of garfield's 6th August 2010 strip. Didn't quite understand whether garfield was answering the question or he was the original letter writer and just disappointed/annoyed at reading the reply.

janny said...

well yes, impressing others or at least not totally grossing them out is what propels many behaviors. Take farting as an example, if you are sitting around the house on your own, then why not just let it all out, but if you are out at dinner with friends surely you would hold it in.