Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Concession Stand: Complete and Unbuttered

In a room where even the vets in attendance look unhappy, and professional decorum is stifling any pre-lecture chat, Jon manages to amuse himself and his date. Jon's baseless enthusiasm and silly optimism (squelched easily enough though it may be; confidence is still not Jon's strong suite) are the same low-key, uncelebrated traits that get any of us through the day. In Jon they're a little heightened, and while not a man of burning Wuthering Heights passion, this is a good demonstration of Jon's appeal. Boyish enthusiasm, ability to make fun for oneself, and curiosity about new experiences, however minor are all are among the qualities in this man of little personality which I suspect Liz sees in him. Doubters would do well to ask themselves if they are fun-loving enough to bring their own big bag of theater popcorn to a medical lecture.

Veterinary Fashion Beat: In for Fall '06: extra-wide ties and neck scarves.


Elliot said...

I agree. This is the side of Jon I really love. Look at his adorable enthusiasm and curiosity in the second panel.

Much like the unending strips that feature Jon trying to get a date on the phone, it's clear that he's completely unafraid of looking stupid. He knows, all of the time, that he will end up looking stupid.

Murgatroid said...

I like when he actually comes out of a situation not looking like a complete doofus, as his self-directed befuddlement at his success quickly undoes any progress he may have made in the first place.
More of that deep Garfield irony for ya.