Friday, September 08, 2006

Paws for News: Feeding Time & Trouble in Crustwood

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Because of time wasted goofing around with Blogger Beta (Yawn! Nap attack!), Per-Mon got a even more behind than usual this week; I expect this will happen now and then. It is my understanding that newsfeeds do not update with backdated posts, so to avoid undue anxiety, I assure Atom subscribers that no day's strip will be skipped. If Permanent Monday gets behind, you can always check the blog and find the missing goodies.

Dinette SetScandal!

Sadly, to say nothing of ominously, Per-Mon's favorite daily comic strip criticism journal, Dinette Set Deconstruction has fallen under legal threats by singularly perplexing cartoonist Julie Larson. But hoorah, it moved to: Blather 'bout Burl, including the old archives but minus the strips. Viva critical theory!

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Ivy said...

wow...this sucks!!