Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Clinical Tongue Depression

All right you pervo wags, yes, it's funny that Jon enthusiastically shows a woman his huge wide spongy tongue. That's 1/3 of the joke. Another part is that Jon is hanging on Liz's every word to the extent that he obeys commands intended for a dumb animal. Everyone gets the gag.

The bonus-level for the thinking Garfield fan is that Jon is so desperate for approval that he seems willing to follow any directive Liz would give... So surely his vet has told the man not to feed pasta and melted cheese to his 27-year-old cat. It's Liz's one demand that Jon would never follow. Because Jon puts more value in Garfield's loyalty than his chances with Liz. Because he's weird and screwed-up.

Cutest things: Good kitty Garfield behaving himself as Liz examines his eye. Also Liz's smile at Garfield's cooperation in panel 2.

Liz's office is suddenly barren as Jon's breakfast nook. Before the nitpickers cry foul, I remind you this is a prime example of flexible comics reality. Garfield is about stripping everything to the bare minimum elements of visuals. And humor. And life.


Anonymous said...

And we can't miss the fact that Jon is blatantly ogling Liz's rack.

Mark Jake said...

I thought Jon was ogling... her lips. She's very Jessica Alba in that regard don't you think? And Garfield is lethargic enough not to object to having his eye examined without an instrument other than a tongue depressor (I thought she was going to stick it in his eye for a moment) but perhaps too lethargic to stick his tongue out... Jon does, but Garfield, who surely know who was supposed to stick his tongue out, never does.