Monday, July 24, 2006

Comfortably Num-Nums

So Jon's plan was to pose as a waiter, infiltrate Liz's date with George Reeves, and... then actually wait on them? Ah well, it's funny that he goes to all the trouble of elaborate costuming and character dialect ("num-nums"!), only to have the ruse last for zero panels.

Someone, whether it's Jon and Garfield, or Jim Davis, thinks waiters work as a team with busboys, and they both come to your table at the same time. Also this means Garfield successfully bussed some other tables in the meantime.

The heart of this strip is in the relish Jon takes in cockblocking Liz's date, a sport of kings in which we all must participate to protect those maidens who want little to do with us but over whom we exert desperate, possessive desire. Magically, this mirrors plots long-past in which Garfield would disguise himself as a chef in order to sabotage Jon's dates. So if this is going to change Garfield's life forever, where will the break in this eternal cycle fall? Three days to find out, folks.

Left Hand of Doom: So in the great Jon Ambidexterity Watch, he's right-handed again today. Could be he just went so deeply undercover as to switch writing hands. Could be nobody at PAWS, Inc. is keeping track. God, they need me on staff so desperately.

Jon's Horoscope: Day Seven
In matters of the heart, it's good to have a respected cardiologist. Short of that, it helps to have a decent accent and a fake moustache. Today's lucky number: no

No lucky number today means: this is the part where Jon fucks up. Now, whether you end in an upright position or not, while you're taking the fall, your number is up, and it's the worst of feelings.

I do like knowing that Jon's accent is decent.


Harry Cupid said...

Panel one shows that Jon doesn't merely enjoy cockblocking this fellow, but he is physically aroused by it. The dialogue also underscores his erection through the careful substitution of the word "wood". Finally, some penis humor in Garfield.

Zach C. said...

Is that a hint of a smile on Liz's face when she mentions the "busboy"?