Thursday, July 06, 2006

Man Kisses Dog

Panel three. Is... is Garfield guessing where Jon is? Or does he know Jon so well he can predict his behavior? Or does Garfield possess some second-sight beyond the grasp of humans? Because Liz's confusion indicates to me that Jon is physically out of view. I doubt this would be the reveal of Garfield's supernatural powers, whether it's psychic bonding or the ability to see through walls.

The silent panel two speaks volumes about the eagerness of man to degrade himself to impress women. Liz's panel three expression speaks about the effectiveness of this strategy. It is good to know Jon's previous discomfort with bestiality has abated some.

Panel two also reveals that Liz is either not left handed or ambidextrous. So is it an error that she wears her watch on her right arm? Or a stupid, stupid effort at inconvenient fashion? Or maybe just maybe she's trying to impress the left-handed Jon Arbuckle in some subtle, misguided way? I hope so. In the Garfield world, as in ours, the ladies are as bad at courtship as the men.

Animal facts:
- That dog from last week was supposed to be a Saint Bernard, thus joining the ranks of famous cartoon St. Bernos Howard Huge and, uh, Cujo.

-In vet school you learn to take a cat's pulse in its wrist.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm enjoying your site!

Just wanted to suggest that you don't need to worry too much about the watch on the right arm! I am right handed and have always worn my watch on my right hand. I didn't know I was "supposed" to wear it on my left arm for years, but for me it's just more comfortable on the right. Also, for some odd reason, when I try it on my left, my right hand has trouble buckling the strap.

Keep it up!

Octal said...

I'm right handed and I wear my watch on my right hand. See, it's one of those analog ones with a dial poking out of the right side for setting it. If I wear it on my left hand, the dial pokes into my hand when I bend my wrist and it's uncomfortable.

Flu-Bird said...

Now the dogs going to be even sicker

Sloublues said...

I gather that the joke is supposed to be that Jon is deliberately infecting himself with canine illness so that he can be one of Liz's patients. My initial reading is that he's so thrilled that Liz is single, he ran off and kissed the first face he found . . . out of sight of Liz, of course, because she might think less of him if he appeared too eager.

The first joke is probably what's intended, since that would explain why he would kiss the dog in particular, but both are funny.

Also, this whole blog is great.

Legs Sparrow said...

Now the dog will be even more sicker