Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Eyes, Ears, Nose and More Eyes Doctor

Jon: more disturbed by revealing his ignorance to his dream girl, or by coming face to face with a depiction of his best friend's guts? My guess: just happy to be so grossly violating Liz's personal space.

Liz: obsessively looking under Garfield's eyelids. She just fooled with his eye yesterday. Perhaps she is just excited to see a cat with human-sized eyes. Or maybe something in the ear-exam made her double-check the eye.

Garfield: thinks digestive tracts can talk, sure. Sadder is that he thinks all cats are as obese and food-addicted as himself.

Jim Davis: I hope Jim did intensive, cat-dissecting research to draw that diagram. He does deserve a ribbon for what is surely the most detailed depiction of innards in American comics page history.


Da5id said...

I believe "feed me" was the punchline of the first Garfield, ever:

p1: Jon introduces himself as a cartoonist (where'd that go, anyway??) to the reader.
p2: Jon introduces his cat, and says "our only thought is to entertain you."
p3: Garfield adds a very different thought: "Feed me."

OK, that's pretty embarrassing, that I remembered that, there.

Chris Stangl said...

There is nothing embarrassing about the vast amounts of Garfield stored in the collective unconscious.

That is indeed the first strip. Jon's cartooning career has not been mentioned since June 19, 1978.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think Jim draws any of "Garfield"?

Mark Jake said...

Liz is clearly ambidextrous in this strip; she examines with her left hand, then writes with her right.

Firebird said...

Here come the hairballs