Sunday, April 30, 2006

Behind the Lavender Door

As with last Sunday's strip, this could have been pared down to the last three panels. Unless it an added level of joke that Garfield lost a little dignity by having to struggle with the human-door. I think he gained back his dignity with the fuckin' Reed Richards arm going on in panel 6.

Burning questions:
-Jon's outfit is... what? Is he going night jogging? No, probably not, because he's wearing socks and sandals. And is he wearing an Iowa State sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off?

-Don't the hinges as portrayed in panel 7 indicate that the pet door should swing out in panel 6? Like, in other direction? For that matter, how does Jon's door lock work?

-Is the gag panel at top some kind of ominous reminder that no matter how much you think Garfield is a message just for you, inside it is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK of PAWS, Inc.? This is the only question with an answer. The answer is "yes."

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I'm more concerned about the fact that Jon's head's on backwards