Friday, April 21, 2006

Trout Fishing in A-Meow-ica

Don't worry, not every Garfield ends in cold-blooded murder. Some end with a live animal inside a character.

The last two days have featured Garfield interacting with another talking animal. On first glance, today's strip makes more sense than yesterday's joke which relied on a dog being illiterate, but a cat being able to read. Here, Garfield gives the set-up ("There's a great big world out there")... but since it's not his own punchline ("Your stomach IS fat!"), I can't figure out what he was trying to tell the fish in the first place.

Nor do I know why if Jon continues to insist on buying fish, he not only refuses to put them in aquariums of the proper size, with rocks in the bottom, but puts them on the same table where Garfield's meals are eaten.


Keely said...

The answers to both your questions are fairly simple in the context of Garfield" first, Garfield is a sadist. He not only wants to consume the live fish, he wants to consume the fish while it is in a state of naive hope and optimism about the world's possibilities. It would please him.

And Jon is pussy-whipped.

The David Rayko said...

Actually, Garfield was trying to convince the fish to swim closer to the surface of the water, so that he wouldn't have to bend over as far.

So here we see Garfield attempting to compensate for his stubby arms.

Nyperold said...

This is what happens when you don't chew your food properly: it gets one last chance to make a crack about your weight before it dies in your stomach acids. (Or it escapes, if it needs to triumph in the end.)