Monday, April 10, 2006

Yellow Sky on Monday

Jon has a zit on his forehead? I've always kind of wondered how Jon is supposed to look within the Garfield reality, because every other character is drawn just as weird. It's a game rule that Jon is dorky-looking, just like Liz is pretty and Garfield is fat - even though Liz is definitely not pretty and Garfield isn't any proportionally fatter than most other characters.

Garfield is apparently three feet tall, however, his height rising up well above Jon's waist.

Is Seinfeld the source of this kind of comedy, where the minute nuances of social interactions are dissected and their varients labled, categorized and endlessly sweated-over? Since George Costanza is just a Garfield rip-off anyway, it's good to see some give and take. Garfield should lead the way in American humor, not follow!

The saddest part is that a girl was probably flirting with Jon and he immediately freaks out, thinking she hates him. Now why would Jon be confused about people sending mixed messages of affection and judgment? Does he know someone who treats him that way? Hmm...


laura said...

Garfield's "punchline" is totally unecessary, except to draw attention to what a cold-hearted bastard he is. As you note, he has had his part in making Jon the way he is, and now instead of taking responsibility or showing remorse he calls him names.

Alpha Skua said...

Their coming with the streight jackets and stun guns