Friday, April 28, 2006

The Day the Clown Napped

Jon is as determined as Jim Davis to make sure nothing too wild happens in Garfield anymore. We want a strip about a man sitting quietly at the table with a cup of coffee! I rarely criticze the writing in Garfield, but the last panel would be less crowded and the joke equally-well communicated without the cat's thought bubble.

Wardrobe notes:
*If you are wondering where Odie got that outfit, it bears striking resemblance to one Jon wore on his date last Saturday.

*The pets have bothered putting on spats, but no shoes, a funny animal fashion affectation known as the "Scrooge McDuck," though Mr. Davis has a looser grasp than Disney artists on how the accessory works.

*If Jon is so startled to see the pets in these clothes, one may question why he bought them tiny crazy outfits in the first place.

*When Garfield entered, for a split second I thought Lyman had come back.

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