Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Sound and the Purry

How did Garfield make Jon so angry? We are usually privy to the orange fellow's antics, and Jon will respond with an infuriated "GARFIELD!" in comical block letters. This does not seem to be a reaction to a shredded drapery or eaten fern. What could one possibly ask of a cat that would warrant this rage, forward-slanting attack posture, and the response "do what I say!"?

Garfield's response - telling Jon he is delusional - is intended as a sass-back for thinking anyone is Garfield's boss... but isn't Jon more deeply delusional, if he thinks cats need a good bossing around? It is, however, very sweet that Garfield says Jon is "cute," even if it's in a sarcastic put-down. I assume the Garfield fanfic forums are lighting up now with J/G slash stories with titles like "Who's the Boss?," "So Cute, So Delusional," and "Pat Pat Pat, Pat it Again."

And yes, I love the Zen stillness of the middle panel. But I always do.

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laura said...

"The J/G slashers will love that" is what I instantly thought, too. (sigh)

I assumed Jon just randomly walked up to Garfield and proclaimed his dominion, perhaps displacing frustration and rage from some other part of his life. Out there in the world he is powerless, but he hopes (against hope, probably) that can claim a little bit of power in his own home, over his pets. If Garfield HAS done something reprehensible, then his sass is all the more impertinent.