Monday, April 24, 2006

Gojira tai Mekagarfield

Things We Learned Today

1. Garfield watches enough movies that he has highly developed taste in genres.

2. Garfield loves kaiju eiga. He is probably most excited that Toho has decided Godzilla: Final Wars is not to be the final Godzilla film after all.

3. I wonder if Jim Davis wanted the parody to be of Rowe vs. Wade, instead of Brown vs. BOE, but didn't want to confuse U.S. Acres die-hards. I guess that's not a "thing we learned."

4. Jon subscribes to a paper which publishes large 1/6th-page blank rectangles.

5. When Jon finds something "interesting," his facial expression is the same as when he is "suicidally bored."


Anonymous said...

That's no 1/6th page white rectangle - it's a convention-breaking, format-bending "Calvin and Hobbes". Something to do with polar bears in a snowstorm, no doubt

Nyperold said...

Either that, or he's just got to see how Godzilla fits into a courtroom drama.

What you may be thinking of is Brown v. Board of Education. In which case, it may be about the right of kaiju students to be integrated into schools with humans of their grade.

Flu-Bird said...

Godzilla stepped on the principal