Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Got All My Whiskers With Me

That's really sweet... and it's Jon's guileless enthusiasm when he realizes they are a family that gets me. I'd like to think in panel two that everyone simultaneously realizes what they mean to each other. The cutest part is how Garfield has to maintain his curmudgeonly facade, but acknowledges the relationship, even if he has to couch it in sarcasm.

Except... what is Odie doing? NO! Why does he have to ruin this moment?

That drawing of Odie is so gross, and directed to no one but the reader. I'm used to this kind of sassiness on G-field T-shirts and merch, but it doesn't usually encroach on the strip this blatantly. Plus, I don't like the head-on view of Odie, because it reminds me that his tongue is wider than his head.

In other news, today the back page of the paper features a photograph of the cursive letter M.


Edie said...

I love your blog here-amazing title, and your thoughts are really interesting.

Have to disagree with you on the Odie thing, tho. Odie has always been an interesting character to me in that he's often stupid, but every now and again you get a panel where he shows he's not as stupid as you might think. It's unsettling, as if he's just waiting for his moment to suffocate Garfield and Jon in their sleep and have the house to himself. Then next panel all is well and he's drooling and bumping into things. I dig it :)

dominto said...

its actually a "N" m has three humps in cursive