Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bip Bip Boop

Gag panel: It's supposed to look like the line that composes Garfield as a drawing is spelling out his name. It looks more like his long, thin, prehensile right ear can form words.

Note 1: Jon and Garfield both look off-model today. Jon's philtrum/ mouth assemblage is not correctly placed, and Garfield's body parts look like a disassembled jumble. I do like how Jon looks not just disappointed in the final panel, but weary.

Note 2: This entire Sunday strip's content could be reduced to the bottom tier. I suppose the first two rows are for "pacing." Though do check out the first panel of the story proper: Jon isn't even expecting this call to go well. There is no hope on that man's face as he dials.

Note 3: Jon knows he screwed up. Garfield cracks a joke about Jon physically transforming into a monkey out of horniness... but neither of them seems to understand the real problem with Jon's simile. It's not that Jon has compared himself to a filthy simian who wants to gorge himself on female fruit. The problem is that Jon thinks he needs a simile to convey to a woman the extent of his desperation.

Note 4: Jon is lying. He just had a date yesterday.

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erin said...

i really thought you were going to make a referance to how blatantly homosexual the phrase "monkey in a banana famine" is. maybe this is why he has such bad luck with women? maybe this is why he lives at home w/ a cat? where is odie now a days by the way?