Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Creature from the Black Lasagna

Jon dated The Creature from the Black Lagoon in high school. Perhaps he went to Gravedale High.

I'm not sure what this does to the reality of Garfield. There are pirate ghosts in the Halloween TV special, but I don't think that's canonical. Note to self: scour Garfield archives for other monsters. I guess it's not much weirder than his extended date with a woman raised by wolves. Or that he has a cat which stands on its hind legs and reads his yearbook with him. It's kind of sweet that Garfield is showing enough interest in Jon's adolescence to consent to looking at the book.

Jon's way of telling this story is confusing but enhances the punchline. He switches from wistful to disgust and disappointment in the space of .001 seconds. Also perfectly timed today is Garfield's reaction, his eyes popping open in panel 2, warning us that crazy shit is about to go down, as Jon placidly yammers on.

Also: Jon's yearbook is printed in color? We had no such yearbook budget at North High School, Des Moines.


Ryan Ferneau said...

Wow, I've been away from Iowa so long that the spelling of "Moines" looks weird.

Flu-Bird said...

And watched ever episode of Flipper

Nyperold said...

Well, if we want to talk about TV, Garfield & Friends had the occasional ghost, alien, other kind of monster, witch...

But if we don't, there's always the strips leading up to Halloween 2004. The day itself has Garfield letting a ghost know that he's not living up to his purpose.

Garfield makes ghosts want to die.