Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dog Sign Afternoon

That's some crazy ugly dog drawing, and the head is stolen from Wile E. Coyote. The size of the sign is a bit curious as well. Assuming Garfield is cat-sized, the sign is about 9 inches high... however, prior evidence has indicated that Garfield may be upwards of 3 1/2 feet tall. But...

For real, Garfield's arms are becoming like tiny vestigial Tyrannosaurus forelimbs. In panel 3, his arms and hands combined are smaller than one of his eyeballs.

Unanswerable Questions: If the dog's not vicious, why did his owners put up a sign? Though he cannot read the specifics, does the dog even know the sign is about him? Some of the other cats, spiders and mice can read, but not this dog. Odie's thoughts cannot be understood, but this stupid dog's can. So which animals in the Garfield universe are granted the powers of reading and/or telepathy? And why?


Josh Millard said...

Consider: this sign is no more the dog's than the previous sign was Garfield's. The dog merely finds the physicality of the sign impressive. It is a monument, to be peed on and admired.

Gwen said...

Garfield had to leave before the dog asked him to read the sign aloud (i.e., telepathically). Otherwise, the dog would have become intimidating by association.

(Even though I hate it when people comment on archived posts and I have no way of knowing which ones, I'm doing the same thing to you. :) )