Monday, April 17, 2006

I Love Mondays!

Panel One: Direct address much, cat who is supposedly thinking? If that's not Garfield's sign, whose is it? Someone else in the neighborhood has a nasty cat that is worse than Garfield?

Panel Two: I will buy the excuse that Garfield almost always takes place on a straight line before a blank background, because of Jon's Spartan interior decoration. But this strip must take place in an open field.

Panel Three:
a. "Intimidation by association" isn't really far enough in meaning from "guilt by association" to be a "pun" or a "parody."

b. Garfield promptly does physically threaten someone, and has a 30-year history of prior assaults. It is less intimidation by association than "intimidation by intimidation."

c. That man is only a head taller than a cat.

d. Robert Crumb cameo?


Max said...

The man isn't actually all that short; rather he's doing a 'duck and cover' kind of crouching action to protect himself (note the bent knees). This is odd, however, since Garfield is close to the ground rather than a threat from the sky. Really the man should be hopping past Garfield, attempting to keep his body and legs as high off the ground as possible.

Anonymous said...

the guy honestly looks more like he's running fast and low, like a football running back. he's low to the ground so as to be able to make shorter steps and thus faster cuts in different directions. why? well, you're harder to hit when moving fast AND zig-zagging.

Nyperold said...

Jon actually bought him a "Beware of Cat" sign, back in the early days.