Monday, May 22, 2006

Dropped It In the Mailbox/ Sent It Special G

The big news is that the secret admirer note is apparently real! I was sure it would turn out to be a cruel Garfield hoax, but Jon's actually received a love letter.

Please note that Garfield's phrasing leaves room for the possibility that he does admire Jon and just isn't telling us.

If you wonder why a choice was made to have Jon spontaneously disappear for the last two panels, when the usual Garfield template would require him to stick around and be half-closed-eye-lidded and deflated by Garfield's withering insult, I propose: today Davis just gave the poor guy a break. Somewhere in another room, Jon is being happy with his note.

And that's the scene I like to imagine. Jon grinning and staring at that note for the rest of the day.


Anne Hutchinson said...

Who could the secret admirer be?!?!

I have a horrible suspicion that Garfield himself wrote the letter to Jon, just so Jon could feel happy that someone liked him...this could end tragically.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps, Garfield wrote the note as an actual admirer?
I wonder if there's more going on between those two than meets the eye..?