Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Medium Ultra Cool

Garfield: Inexplicable, Unknowable

p1. Why stand there in the first place?

p2. "Dissertation"? Is this supposed to be an added level of sass?; as in "your threats do not even register as threats to me, instead I misinterpret them as your bid for a doctoral degree"? Because the point Garfield is ultimately trying to make is that he's not afraid of the barking, and for a cat, his reaction to the dog is unusual (thus brag-worthy). The expected reaction to a dissertation (when are dissertations read aloud?) is not fear. It is probably rare that anyone loses their cool during the reading of a dissertation. Thus does Garfield's double-edged wise-ass remark cancel itself out.

p3. Is Garfield pumping his fist in triumph, or about to punch a dog in the face? I approve of one, and disapprove of the other.

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erin said...

i must have forgotten to comment that "ultra cool" and "medium ultra cool" rank up there with my other favorite things to say now.