Thursday, May 25, 2006

Green Coat, Orange Cat/ I Don't Worry 'Cause My Garfield's Fat

Ugly Date Outfit back in force. I guess the mammoth novelty bow tie didn't work out.

Yes!: I like a man bragging to his cat that he has a date! And looking triumphant about it about it, as if to imply "... and you don't." I do not, however, "know" what Jon "means." Don't be so coy, Jon, because if this is implying something either pro or con about your lady's classiness, it's too vague.

The cartoonists in the audience will surely appreciate the cloth-wrinkling work done on Jon's shirtfront as he bends to talk to Garfield in panel two. Looks like somebody's been studying their Burne Hogarth.

All humans, though, will appreciate how plump old Garfy looks this evening. His belly and chest blur into one pendulous wad of doughy cat-mass, plopped on the table, ready to criticize others... including a man who does, after all, have a date tonight.


Anonymous said...

it seems like jon is continuing his henny youngman-ish phrasing from the shecky arbuckle comic. is he turning into an old catskills jew?

Anonymous said...

If he were Jewish, I suspect he would have more interesting things to say than anything I've seen thus far.
However, I would like to theorize on the potential meaning of his choice of words; "this woman is VERY particular." I speculate that this "woman" is, in fact, a man. Although I'm probably just getting my hopes up for an actual punchline...