Monday, May 29, 2006

Whitley Strieber's Com-meow-nion

Uh-oh! Garfield's egocentrism has exploded into full-blown paranoia... and circa-1996 X-Files-inspired alien conspiracy jokes. If you don't like the punchline, perhaps you will be amused by Garfield's neck in the third panel. Perhaps confused by the Wellsian deep focus in the shot, the PAWS staff has become so intent on drawing the cat's skin-folds that they've drawn his neck at half its usual width.

Two pressing questions about Jon today:
1. Where has he gone in Panel 2?
2. Why is he at all irritated in Panel 3? Look, Jon "can't" hear Garfield's thoughts, but he's uncommonly adept at understanding the cat's meaning: we know, because he reacts to it all the time. But here, as far as I see, all Jon is witnessing is Garfield walking across the table. He must know Garfield is saying something creepy to the fourth wall. Thanks for looking out for our best interests, Jon.


erin said...

panel 3 creeped me out. also who is thinking in it. spooky

Anonymous said...

garfield comes closer in p2 so you can't see jon. and in p3 maybe jon is annoyed at the cat getting in the way of the reader getting a thrilling view of him doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Does being allergic to cats make me a space alien? :(