Monday, May 08, 2006

For Lasagna or Money

Come again?

I think I "don't get this."

Does Garfield mean "If 'money can't buy happiness,' then do you, Jon, rent happiness? Because you are clearly a happy man." Or does Garfield mean "If money can't buy happiness, then do humans in general rent happiness, because I see an obvious link between money and happiness."

Either way, I am not sure why Garfield is acting like he's never heard this platitude before, and even less sure if the panic in his eyes is the proper reaction.

I like to think Jon gave Ellen this speech with no prompting but his own insecurity. This strip also raises questions about Jon's income level and professional success as a cartoonist which are better left un-pondered. Believe me. I've pondered them.


Anonymous said...



I've said this before,

but I feel it bears repeating.

This here's the most life-giving blog on the Internet. And I do NOT use the phrase "Eat your heart out, Neil Gaiman," lightly. This blog, though, gives me the courage to take RISKS with cliches. and with life, dude. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely.

Don't stop.

I hope you don't get shut down.

Justin said...

I find this punchline very funny.

Garfield immediately jumps to "You rent it?" because he can't imagine that there isn't a connection between human happiness and money. If money can't buy happiness, it must at least be able to rent it.

The look of Garfield's face is priceless, because he's wondering how that would work.

Anonymous said...

To Second Anonymous,
(Jan 27, 2015)
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