Saturday, May 27, 2006

Meowmeows of an Invisible Man

Indeed Garfield didn't "say" anything, but he laughs aloud in panel 2, which is always unsettling. Jon's barely-stifled anger and willful denial that he was stood up are clear in his clenched claw-hand. So though it might be weird that a man is yelling at his cat in frustration over his rejection, at least here it's justified: the cat is laughing at him.

Part of me wishes Jon had been so delusional as to go ahead and continue his date with an invisible woman, conversing with her over dinner and insisting on buying a meal for someone who isn't there. Another part of me likes that Jon feels the need to make excuses to his pets for being home on a Saturday night. Jon could, of course, point out that Garfield is also alone, and hasn't seen Arlene in more than a year.

Did I seriously check every Garfield strip for the past year to see if Arlene appeared? Of course I did. For you.


DJ said...

You better not be lying about checking all the strips from the last year or I'm gonna be p.o.'ed!

Anonymous said...

Arlene and Garfield never actually had a romantic relationship, did they? As I recall, it's always just been one of those quipping pre-romance friendships that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks always seem to share in those ridiculous chick-flicks.

Firebird said...

Jon dates the Invisible mans duaghter