Sunday, May 21, 2006


No idea what the title panel is supposed to look like. Fake airbrushing? Anyhow, I don't like seeing G-field's eyelids so shiny.

Jon's "thinking" face in the middle panel of row 2 is very funny. Actually, most of the Jon body-language acting is pretty funny.

Garfield's refusal to go to the dryer himself and remove the keys - even though the racket is irritating him - is great character behavior. I suspect he's subjecting himself to this aural torture because he's too lazy to open the dryer, but also because part of Garfield likes being angry and frustrated with Jon's stupidity.

Now sometimes Garfield backfires when playing around with a last-panel reveal. Today's strip pulls it off perfectly, and there's no way to guess what's going on with the sound effects, or Jon's mystery, until the very last panel. Kee-tank!


Fuzzy said...

I just wanna know if Jon can "hear" Garfield or not. Garfield "tells" Jon to check the dryer. If Jon had "heard" him, he wouldn't have needed to ask the cause of the noise. I have yet to find someone to clear this up for me. I also have yet to find out why I used so many quotation marks.

Ryan Ferneau said...

Cartoon logic: Jon can only hear Garfield when it's funny for Jon to hear Garfield. Normally they try to make it seem realistic, as though Jon were reacting to a situation or a facial expression, but sometimes the cartoon reality just has to stretch a little.

(This is like pondering whether the Family Guy characters hear Stewie, don't hear Stewie, or hear him translated into some cuter form of speech. It's just whatever you think works best.)

But yeah, I liked the way they drew out the "sound effects from offscreen to be explained later" gag longer than I expected.

Mark Jake said...

I'm just glad that Jon's back fat moved to his belly again. His health was worrying me after that Ellen debacle.

I've seen it said/written (here on PerMonday) that canonically Jon cannot "hear" Garfield's thoughts, and I accept this. But where IS Garfield "canon" defined?

Nyperold said...

I've started going through the archive, mainly looking for strips to use at Square Root of Minus Garfield, and so far, my favorite botched last-panel reveal is the reveal that the tree branch that Garfield got stuck on, and that Jon climbed a ladder to get up to and subsequently got stuck in himself, is a tree branch that was so low that Jon never needed the ladder; he could have, without so much as stretching, walked up to Garfield and picked him up off the branch and set him on the ground or carried him away or something. But they both had to finally work up the nerve to jump off.

Flu-Bird said...

Always check your pants before washing them