Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Jon of Living Dangerously

I can safely say I've never seen Jon make the expression in the second panel before.

I am in great suspense to see this "Ellen" woman. I can only asssume that unless she is put off by Jon's phone, which has Hulked-out and turned green since yesterday, this plot will continue until Ellen's will is worn down and she goes on a patented Disastrous Arbuckle Date. Sometime I should make an index of every time Jon's gone on a date. I think we would learn a lot, and it would be a productive use of free time.

Jokes about running with scissors are officially on the same list as tearing the tags off mattresses, and boxes of Fruit Loops with butcher knives in them captioned "cereal killer." They must be put down by Gregory Peck with a shotgun, before they infect other jokes.


Ryan Ferneau said...

Heh, the phone hulked out... So the people who colorize this strip typically don't worry about the colors in any previous strips and just change the colors spontaneously to liven up the unchanging scenery?


He calls Ellen a lot

Flu-Bird said...

And crossed pasture wearing red with a big big bull