Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top Hat, yes, Top Cat, NEVER!

The drawing of Jon in the last panel is where I direct people who don't think Garfield is funny. Part of this is the voice I am imagining Jon affecting for this speech, which is very high and reedy.

I like the anticipation built by having Garfield react to something off-panel... but why is he more horrified in panel two, if he's already seen the hat? Perhaps Garfy's eyes are bugging out because of Jon's puzzlingly square-cornered second panel tummy bulge.

Hey Garfield, so, you're too cool for top hats, huh? So you've, say, never worn a top hat and tried to look cool, right?

You keep dreamin', buddy.

Satin top hats like the one Jon has purchased run upwards of $250, so I hope our boy has other plans for it besides wearing it for his cat.


Mark Jake said...

Personally I think "Monopoly". Where's the monocle?

Nyperold said...

I think the plush Garfield is actually wearing a derby hat. Still, if a top hat would convey "funny-looking head" to an onlooker, so would a derby. And surely a top hat needs the rest of the ensemble to really say "sophistication".

Flu-Bird said...

Or be the villian they often wear top hats