Thursday, May 11, 2006

As Jon Lay Dying

Progressively wrinklier shirt: it adds visual stimulation, and enhances the sickening pathos of this gag about a man feigning terminal illness in failed exchange for affection! It's days like today that should be archived to remind the world that Garfield is the blackest thing on the American comics page. Take that, Boondocks!

It is very sweet that Garfield wants to tell Jon he sympathizes. It is typical Garfield that he just sprawls on the table like an undemonstrative orange blob, even while knowing Jon cannot hear the cat say he sympathizes. Thanks Garfield, because you know, this situation wasn't bleak enough.


Anonymous said...

See? Now THAT annotation is macabre like I've never SEEN, yo. Getting all meta at 8 am, this analysis is, in my opinion, a more powerful statement of your thunder-ravaged state and Gothically skeletal body than a bluey self-portrait of some lines I've heard before.

of course you didn't ask. I don't wait anymore.

S. to the M., do with those letters what you will. then draw THAT.

Anonymous said...

When you say Garfield is "black" in this context, I take it to mean "bleak." But Boondocks is more known for being "black" in a different way.

Now I am pretty sure that you are comparing the two comics in terms of the former definition of "black." But I'd prefer to think that someone out there is advancing the argument that Garfield is somehow the most brotherly strip on the comics page.

Anonymous said...

I still think Jon is progressively losing height as his rejection by Ellen continues (see prior strip's comment). Maybe Jon realizes this and so for a moment he truly believes he has a terminal illness. Or maybe he's introspected too much and decided he's a terminal loser with women and that's his disease. I hate to think Jon is just out and out LYING - and in front of his cat!