Friday, May 19, 2006

Mr. Orangewell

Ugly Date Outfit is back in force! Never you mind that Garfield's sass would work better if Jon were just wearing a normal-sized bowtie. Things to like:

-Jon's wide-eyed expression in Panel 1 as he tentatively asks for Garfield's approval, knowing full well that it is rarely and grudgingly given.

-Garfield's strange, indulgent-motherly attitude.

-Jon's eager delight when given the slightest acceptance.

-Jon bought a giant bowtie that looks just like his regular tie. Lack of fashion sense or no, he must know the new tie is novelty-oversized, as he owns at least one standard-issue tie for comparison.

-Cats: hind legs = very, very long.


Erik said...

I would have also noted Garfield's unusual limp-wristed "you go girl" gesture in the panel numero deus.

Flu-Bird said...

Wait till you get the the restruant and create a sceine