Friday, June 30, 2006

Cat Sigh

Imagine the reader who is just picking up Garfield for the first time today. All they see is a man impossibly excited about being treated by an animal doctor. There's nothing wrong with that joke, I guess. It's not much more complex that he is just excited to make a pass at the vet.

Jon's gotta know he's going to fail when he hits on Liz next week. And yet he cannot wait to try. Because the fun, ladies and gents, we all know, is in the hunt. The failure may be crushing, success may be even more crushing. Jon doesn't rush to heartbreak, he rushes to the sweet moment before you know one way or the other. Flirting is forever suspended like a mosquito in amber. In the meantime, our cats wait alone.

Some days the waiting room chairs are connected... today they're not. All I know is when Jon runs, he leaves a trail of popcorn in the air.


Matt said...

Maybe this is the reason why the movie left me so empty - John and Liz were never supposed to get together, it's just not right!

Oh and this is a great site!

Flu-Bird said...

Will liz have to call security in jon gets out of hand?