Friday, June 23, 2006

Flowers for Veterinarinon

Beginners Tips for 06/23/2006 Garfield
-Garfield's punchline only funnier than Jon's last line, if read with sassy gay voice.

-Pray that if we're spending all week setting up Garfield's vet appointment that we get to spend a minimum of seven strips in Dr. Liz's office. She's such a great foil for both Jon and Garfield, that I only assume Davis doesn't use her more because any real vet would tell Jon not to feed his cat entire hams or let it walk on its back legs so much.

-Do not be distressed when Garfield's ears seem to merge when viewed head-on, as in panel three.

-Do not question why Jon's closet door is so very, very tall.

-Do not wonder why Jon wears the same green plaid sport coat on dates when he has that salmon blazer in his closet. Those are to indicate we are seeing A Closet, but they do not represent real wardrobe choices for Jon.

-It looks like the bureau would prevent the closet door from being opened or closed, but we must assume some tricks of light and perspective are at work.

-Lament the practice of reading comic strips on the internet instead of newspaper, as the cheap print version allows readers to see what Jon would look like with a Bic ballpoint mustache in a matter of seconds.

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Flu-Bird said...

Maybe the BINKY THE CLOWN outfit would look nice