Monday, June 05, 2006

Down in the West Texas Town of El Gato...

YAY! Jon understands why I love Garfield: that single straight line set and empty void backdrop create a Beckettesque abstract existential landscape for this lack-of-passion play. The "barren land" Jon wanders is a regular suburban house made unfamiliar and strange by being so very boring and slightly off. Please see Dr. Freud's The Uncanny... and Jim Davis' Garfield at Large!

Panel three reminds us (read: me) why we (read: me and Garfield) like Jon. He may be the pathetic moron in all of us, but he lives alone because he can entertain himself. No complaints from me if Garfield turns into a strip about Jon as a wandering country-western balladeer.


Anonymous said...

The one reason I like Garfield is that Jon never seems to be happier than in the third panal of one of his numerous manic-depressive episodes.
A bi-polar character in a nationally syndicated comic strip?
THAT is edgy, my friend.

Flu-Bird said...

Wheres his accordion did garfield bury it?