Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rodentia Lapdancia

Surprising facts culled from today's Garfield:

1. Mice think cats get turned on by sexy mice.

2. Cats don't like to have mice in their mouths. Should a cat have a mouse in its mouth, the cat will spit it out.

3. Girl mice - even though no other animals in Garfield wear clothes - wear heels and little black bras.

4. Sometimes Garfield just stands around staring into space.

5. Though the job normally requires multiple burly full-grown men, Garfield is able to control the tremendous pressure of a firehose so precisely as to put out the tiny flames of birthday cake candles without damaging the cake, and the resultant moisture only causes two tiny drips on the elaborate decoration.

6. This gag is repeated from the June 19, 2002 birthday strip, except this time Garfield put the lady mouse in his mouth instead of just being grossed out. I guess the comics page got more permissive in the last four years. What's next? A panel about Marmaduke's balls being cut off?


Anonymous said...

He has balls?

Flu-Bird said...

Cake with meeces in it

Nyperold said...

In cartoons (even some video games), males often get turned on by anything female within a certain apparent age range. Even if one's mammalia and the other's reptilia. Isn't that right, Donkey Kong 64?

Perhaps girl mice only wear bras and heels when they're trying to appear sexy, by relying on human tropes of sexiness.

Whipoorwill said...

A Garfeild themed video game Garfield fights his way through dogs,acordians,mailmen and rabin bats to get to his supper dish

Nyperold said...

Huh. Apparently, they've done the pseudo-sexy mouse gag before. But with -- unless I'm mistaken -- a larger mouse who popped up early enough to not be eaten. (Also, who ran up to him while inside the cupcake, probably triggering some red flags in Garfield's mind even before that, especially if he's not on a diet.)