Friday, June 16, 2006

Nightmare at 2 Feet

The Birthday Nightmares: they don't do anything, they just announce their identities. Nonetheless, it freaks Garfield the hell out! Missing from panel three is the thought bubble "WAAA!"

Speaking of panel three, Garfield's pop-eyed terror is aimed at us, even though he's dreaming. Even in his nightmare, Garfield breaks the fourth wall to give us a conspiratorial glance: "Can you guys believe my dream!?" Would that we could all be so self-aware.

Perhaps Garfy is most upset about a world in which medical practitioners issue gift certificates for major joint-replacement surgery, more than the suggestion that he needs one. It's a mild dystopia, but unsettling... I guess I could say that about Garfield every day, though.

In other news, Ain't It Cool News hates the new Garfield movie. How anyone could dislike a movie called Tale of Two Kitties is beyond me, but then a lot of things are beyond me when it comes to Garfield.

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Flu-Bird said...

Garfield would rather have gift certificate to the candy store