Sunday, June 04, 2006

Get That G Off Your Foot!

Is the bigger news that Garfield got a ball up his rump... or that the pink carpet from last week is back? I don't know if other comic strips think an acceptable Sunday visual gag is a ball going up a cat's butt, but my guess is not.

In his book In Dog Years I'd Be Dead, Jim Davis explains that he tries to make the Sunday strips more visual and broad in their humor than the more dialogue-oriented daily strips. I guess stuff going into Garfield's butt is pretty universal, but also universal is the question "why can't Garfield feel the ball with his feet?"

The answer: if the joke world operated exactly like the real world, nothing would ever be funny.

And cats and dogs wouldn't be walking around on their hind legs.


erin said...

i was going to ask about how garfield seems ok with the ball being up his ass for a panel.
also are you excited or disexcited about the upcoming 'tale of two kitties'

Anonymous said...

nother question. how is a rug perfectly flat with a round object under it?

Anonymous said...

The last question is pretty easy to answer... I thought about that too actually... but if you pay attention to the visuals, you'll notice how you never see the whole carpet. Either you see part of it that isn't covering the ball or Garfield's feet are hiding that spot.

I love this blog.


Flu-Bird said...

Odie the obeance school drop-out

Firebird said...

Dinglebball under the carpet