Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Place Where Fun Never Ends

-Panel two contains a fine candidate for Most Miserable-Looking Jon of All-Time.

-God bless you, Garfield. You are the only comic strip since Peanuts that would start a gag strip with that opening line.

-This is, of course, an opportunity for Garfield to let Jon know that while he ribs his owner on a daily basis, Garfield doesn't hate Jon... Right, Garfield? Maybe after yesterday's outburst of emotion, G-Field's backing off a little. Or could-be he hates Jon. What do I know?

-I do know that since Jon can't hear Garfield's thoughts, all he's experiencing is his cat sympathetically patting him. It's like role-reversal.


Anonymous said...

so far, this has turning been a really fucked up week for Jon.

Anonymous said...

i mean-- so far, this has been a really fucked up week for jon.

Flu-Bird said...

Jon needs to unwind he is too tence latly