Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eat the Birds/ Tuppence, Tuppence

Finally, Pikachu make the cover of Vet. It's a pretty classy magazine, published at the human-torso proportions usually reserved for W and Interview.

Garfield, though already dreading his vet appointment, is willing to make himself sick just to eat a bird. Does he eat the bird because it is a cat's nature? Does he eat the bird because we'd all like to eat that guy who won't stop making noise in the quiet waiting room? I think Garfield eats the bird because he knows it may make him ill, may get Jon in trouble, may prolong his visit to the doctor, but can't help it. Given the expression on Garfield's face, he gets no pleasure from this act. And in this way, perhaps we all sometimes Eat the Bird.

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Anonymous said...

as much as i adore your analysis, i belive the cough is coming from the bird itself, from inside garfield