Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sandman: Dream of 1 Cats

The death-sand timer: the only Birthday Nightmare that wears a party hat.

This confirms one thing about the Garfield universe we've always suspected: not only is your empty life short, but it's all a joke on you, and one the Reaper finds very, very funny. The universe is laughing at you, Jon and Garfield.

Also cool about Birthday Nightmare week is the visual stimuli of the Nightmares themselves. I like the long floppy feet on them, though they should go all the way and have Don Martin hinged joints on the end.

I do hope this is not supposed to be a foreshadowing of the amount of Garfield we have left.

... Oh, what am I talking about? The Garfield machine can run indefinitely even after Jim Davis dies. Whether this is a comforting thought or not, I have no idea.


lisa said...

Seriously, for Garfield, this strip is DAMN dark.

Out, out, brief candle.

Flu-Bird said...

Father time is sneaking up on garfield