Saturday, June 10, 2006

Keep on Truckin'

Q: Is the appositive in the sentence "A blind date, at the monster truck rally, what was I thinking?" the best way to phrase this?

Q: Is Jon's pre-grooming morning appearance just to enhance the second-level of the joke about Garfield being put off his feed?

Q: Why did Jon see his date's bare back?

Q: What does the monster truck rally really have to do with this? I guess it's suggesting the woman is trashy as all monster truck fans are, but is female baldness a white trash stereotype?

Q: Is Jon's cup melting in panel three?

Q: Garfield, though possessing opposable thumbs, usually walking on two legs, drinking from coffee mugs, and comprehending English, still eats out of a pet bowl... with his hands. Does he resent this, or is it a personal choice?

Q: Why does PAWS, Inc. not sell cat dishes that say "GARFIELD"?

Q: Two strips about trucks this week?


Murgatroid said...

A: No. But expecting grammar from Garfield seems a bit much at this point.

A: I believe Jon's hangover-like appearance is meant to accentuate the soul-crushing disappointment he no doubt feels after his date last night.

A: I believe the description actually implies that his date's hair may have actually cascaded over her shoulders from her neckline. All the while having "none on her head."

A: I have a theory that Jon actually sabotages his dates by either making a complete fool of himself or, barring that, finding some wholly unacceptable flaw in his dates. Note how today's strip implies that HE rejected HER. Hmm... strange for a man presuming to be so desperate to also be so picky, wouldn't you say?

A: Yes. Judging from the mug's color we can assume it's made of plastic. And despite the lack of heat-lines, we can assume from the context that he's drinking hot coffee.

A: I believe Garfield chooses to live his life through bitter irony. Yes, he has all the advantages of a human-like anatomy, yet still feels compelled to live his life as a cat. Need I remind you of the pet-door incident?

A: I think they hate Garfield merch just as much as the rest of us.

A: Jon apparantly finds trucks a turn-off, despite the fact that he grew up on a farm... perhaps they remind him of his mother?

Scoutie said...

Q: Why did Jon see his date's bare back?

For the same reason he looks so haggard this morning: he got drunk and nailed his only opportunity for the next few years.

Flu-Bird said...


Nyperold said...

Because they'd be caught between the necessity of putting his image on the bowl, as well, and the necessity to make it like in the strip.

Firebird said...

Jon had better be careful with some of these dates