Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Mite in Her Ear

Veterinary degrees consist of the word VET written over two horizontal lines, with a child's drawing of a seagull at the bottom.

Garfield, who thus far has been responding to the vet trip with his usual sarcastic bile, is now pouting like a baby. He looks furious. I like when Garfield's cool veneer is stripped away and makes it obvious his quips are fueled by petty self-interest.

Jon happily reads a two-page issue of Purple Magazine, which they always provide in vet's offices. Animals with ear mites have big crumbly chunks of brown matter in their ears. Infection can lead to skin disease, spread to the neck and tail, and if left untreated, cause deafness.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it worth noting that Garfield has absolutely ENORMOUS feet in this panel? Perhaps that's why he is able to walk upright?

Firebird said...

Just great what a way to go to the vets office looking at ear mites 100 times their natural size