Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kick Me Beneath the Milky Twilight

Criticism: I usually try to ignore it unless making a joke about it, but... The computer color job on today's strip is atrocious, distracting, and doesn't make sense. It's a simple, reasonably funny gag confused by some kind of spotlight (?) at frame right that looks like it should have something to do with the action but does not. As a light source, it's badly rendered (explain the shading in row 2 panel 2?), and besides, Garfield isn't normally drawn with deep shadows unless there's a reason.

Praise: Today's Garfield combines a solid character joke and a typically cynical assessment of our role in the universe. In the first, Odie is so used to being physically abused that it is the only way he makes sense of his existence, and will hurt himself if Garfield is not there to do it... The dog equivalent of a cutter, I guess. In the second, Garfield is punished for not accepting his eternal job as Odie's designated abuser. If Garfield had taken his preordained place on the table top and kicked an innocent dog, instead of being on the floor, he would never be crushed by the punishing will of the cosmos. If it's in the cards for you to physically injure animals, Garfield urges you to rush to your work with open arms.

Insightful Observation: Odie looks more and more like Super Mario's dinosaur friend Yoshi.

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