Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Laff & Learn With Garfield
-Dogs are allowed in the waiting room without supervision, but cats must attend vet appointments with a legal guardian.

-Three Purple Lumps has stepped up their advertising campaign to the back cover of that famous red-bordered magazine. The one that starts with a W.

-The "trip to the vet" story has been dragged out for a week and a half without even making it into Liz's office yet. Good chance this plot could last an entire month, depending on how many shots Garfield needs. Or if he gets a skin disease from that dog.

-The amateur Garfield reader may think this could've been a one-panel cartoon, since all the dialog and action is packed into the final frame, and the rest of the strip is the characters sitting silent and motionless. I say that Garfield is about the stultifying boredom, and subcutaneous boiling frustration of our lives, and you can only feel that with the rhythm of the first two panels. There's a reason this isn't Heathcliff.


Murgatroid said...

I just noticed...
When Garfield is laying down, his knees come up to about chest level. However, when he is sitting, he lets them hang over the chair instead of folding them up, as the dog has done.
I can't help but wonder if this is because his feet are the size of shoeboxes, or if it's just one of his constantly self-imposed humanisms.

Anonymous said...

You may appreciate these:

Anonymous said...

i think jon is readin' a women's interest magazine.

Flu-Bird said...

What dose jon read other then JACK & JILL?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the magazine starts with a "W," it must be a "V." They are in a Vet's office.