Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tiddy Tiddy Bang-Bang

Top nominees for funniest thing in 06/15/06's strip:
-Garfield's first reaction to a "nightmare" is not fear but... sneering disgust and "Great. Another nightmare"!
-What's in those suitcases? Not Garfield's memories: the Brain Guy is his memory. So that means it's just the Memory Brain's personal stuff.
-Garfield's nightmares: not scary, but they do tell him jokes.
-Please please please this year actually let Garfield start becoming senile. Actually, since Garfield was born the same year as me, I want his mental degeneration to mirror my own. Please please hold off for another 40 years on Garfield's senility.
-Garfield's brain is huge and gross!


unknwn`writer said...

ahahaha, just like life. Live it and eventually we forget it. Call it aging of a few burned out brain cells. Love the site, need a daily laff from my old friend, Garfield!


Jarrett said...

Is 'tiddy boom' is the cat version of what humans might call 'a rimshot'?

(As with cats themselves,) I'm not yet sure how I feel about this.

Firebird said...

And liberals brains left them when they went to public schools